The Concept


The idea for this initiative is to connect all aspiring single singers.  We want to have a singing haven for the unattached to come and meet other like-minded folk. The shared love of singing provides the perfect backdrop to meeting new people with the eventual possibility of friendship and romance.  In finding your voice, you may just meet your soulmate!


The Sing-Along is a magical format that is welcoming and inclusive; and inspires people to join in and sing their hearts out without inhibition.  The participants become immersed in song coupled with the joy and camaraderie of the group without ever feeling self-conscious or conspicuous.  There is tremendous harmony and team spirit in singing as a group and becoming ‘one voice’ so to speak.


I would like to extend the harmony of singing in a group to all single people in the hope of inspiring and building new and lasting friendships through a common interest and shared activity. Singing creates a wonderfully relaxing upbeat ambience; it releases happy vibrations and endorphins.  Our vision is to create natural connections for the unattached through the shared passion of singing.


The Sing-Along for Singles is a combined personalised platform that brings single people together in an exciting and a creative way offering the opportunity to socialise and meet NEW like-minded people.