The Vocal Coaching Workshop

The Vocal Coaching Workshop is key to discovering your voice and hidden talent. Think of your voice as an instrument that requires fine tuning in order to learn how to play. At our Vocal Coaching Sessions we practise techniques in singing in just the same way as one would practise the piano or guitar. The Vocal Coaching Workshops are tailored to the level of singing that best suits you. During our sessions, we pair up in small groups to give the necessary focus and input required for each participant.

The Beginners’ Workshop is designed for those with no singing experience. You will be taught how to stand and breathe, to open your chest and allow plenty of room for your voice to flow.

You will be practising elementary singing techniques which will enable you to project a melody clearly, articulately and, above all, with confidence and poise. After you have attended the Beginners’ Workshop, we will provide you with a daily vocal workout programme, which you can use to practise and develop the skills you have learnt at home. This is optional, of course, but many of our members sing their way through the rest of the week.

The Intermediates’ Workshop will move you from the elementary level to the next stage: The Art of Singing. You will be practising further techniques of articulation and advanced intonation and phrasing. This is followed by learning musical expression in your singing voice when singing in different styles.

After you have completed the Intermediates’ Workshop, we will send you a set of advanced vocal exercises to maintain what has been achieved in the Workshop.

The coaching sessions don’t stop after the Workshops. We are here to support you with your singing every step of the way. Enjoy and improve your singing through learning.